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  • deckCollapseSplit or Decayed Wood – Check for split or decaying wood. Inspect cracks with a flathead screwdriver; if you can insert it more than ¼ inch into any cracks, or if the wood feels spongy or breaks off without splintering, this could indicate rot. Keep an eye out for holes, which could mean insects have burrowed in and made a home.
  • The Ledger Board is the weight bearing board that connects the deck to your house. Make sure it’s attached securely and that the flashing is doing its job.
  • Grills, Fire Pits, Chimneys, and Heaters – They add atmosphere and ambience to your outdoor experience, but are also a source of potential risk. Make sure you operate safely.
  • Trees – Inspect nearby and overhanging limbs. Trim away as necessary.
  • Electrical – Check all electrical outlets and lighting for proper operation. Install GFCI outlets and make childproof.
  • Railings and Banisters – Are they solid and secure? If not, now is the time to make them safe for you and your guests.

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